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We know that living a natural lifestyle is the most wonderful thing we can do to ourselves and our family. The benefits of natural living are endless. However, we also know that achieving this lifestyle requires time, energy and hard work. And it can be pretty overwhelming at first or if you don’t know where to start. Another important factor here is motivation. It’s pretty easy to get discouraged and drop everything you have been building for a natural lifestyle. One of the best ways to get more motivation as well as getting guidance and information to build your natural living is to read more posts and blogs about this lifestyle. And luckily, we can find quite a lot of natural living blogs out there. Each shares valuable information, tips, recipes and almost everything you need to know for your journey. You can totally feel the harmony between the bloggers and yourself in finding a way to live closer to nature. That’s what I felt when I read those blogs. And the following are some of the most amazing natural living blogs that totally worth a look.

Natural Living – Taking The First Step

When I think of natural living, I think of a simple lifestyle with fewer chemicals, surrounded with natural alternatives and environmental-friendly products. We all have our own perceptions of natural living and our very own reasons to pursue this lifestyle. It could be for better health, less stress or financial savings. But in general, natural living is a lifestyle which is kept simple, functional, mindful and filled with safe, less toxic ingredients and products. A natural lifestyle could bring you different benefits and values to yourself. And it can be the best thing you can do for your family.

Some important notes on natural living

Before making the changes in your lifestyle, make sure to reevaluate your condition thoroughly. The things that should be taken into account is your time, health, financial, family and environment. This is to make sure that the changes you make won’t make too much impact on your daily lifestyle that may cause negative effects. We want to build a long lasting lifestyle that sticks, so make every move an enjoyable and worthy experience.

It takes time

The journey to a natural, healthy lifestyle is definitely a long, difficult one. It absolutely couldn’t happen all at once. You cannot throw away everything in the house and completely start over. And especially in today’s world, which is filled with processed food, toxic chemicals, harmful ingredients, the things are so staple and convenient for us for a long time; it’s extra difficult to opt for healthier options. And the list for natural living changes could be pretty long and overwhelming. Sound scary enough? Why should we waste so much energy and time for this natural living? Well, you know, the thing is the good thing never comes easy. And it’s the lifelong benefits of this lifestyle that we are pursuing. So don’t be discouraged and overwhelmed. It may seem impossible at first, but each moves you make will worth the effort and you can definitely achieve natural living for yourself and family.

It’s the small changes that count

Switching out one product, make a meal by yourself, or plant a herb on your balcony. These actions may seem small, but don’t underestimate the impacts of them. It’s the small, tiny efforts that bring you closer to the lifestyle you desire. And it’s always best to start with just one thing at a time. Choosing only one facet of your lifestyle and focus on one changes, one replacement or one habit at the time. This allows the new habit to form and sticks before going for the next one. Don’t let anyone make pressure or discourage your process, everyone’s different. So know yourself and gradually make the small changes to your lifestyle.

Spread the energy

Sharing is the way to make a good thing amazing. While building your natural living lifestyle, don’t forget to spread the knowledge you gain and the process you are making with people around you. More natural lifestyles mean fewer chemicals, less waste, and a greener planet. The journey to build a healthy lifestyle is absolutely amazing and exciting, so definitely pass on the vibe to others to inspire them to start their own natural living.


To change our life to a more natural one, there are different aspects of life that need to be changed. From the common ones to the ones you may not even think of. And it would be extremely challenging to change everything to natural ones at once so take your time and energy to take a small step at a time. Evaluate what is important in your life or what is needing to be changed first and make your moves based on that. The following are the steps you need to take to change your life to natural living.

1. Food

You are truly what you eat. Whatever you choose to put into your body will show directly on your health and appearance. So it’s the best choice to start your natural living with your food. And it’s not easy at all trying to eat more natural food. Hidden chemicals and additives are added to many foods out there. And without high consciousness of what you put inside the body, you cannot eat the real natural way. So how could we change our diet to a more natural one?

Start a garden

Since we don’t know what is really added to all the vegetables and food out there, it’s always best to grow your own food. You will know for sure those vegetables, fruits, and herbs you grew are healthy and organic. If you don’t have a big space, you can simply start with a small herb garden by your window. A small step each time can help you kickstart your healthy journey and eat a bit more organic food.

Eat real food

The more processed the food is, the more nutrients it has lost. So it’s important to eat real food. Always try to cook with the freshest food and avoid all those prepared or processed ones. I really love going to the farmer market and get my food there cause I get to know the farmer and how the food is grown. You can get healthy, organic fruits and veggies there.

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